XOXO Ragdolls

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Ophelia n Rebel

Babies due on the 19 Nov 2016 had 2 babies on 4 Nov 16


XOXO Dimplesocks Hugs - boy - blue mitted - available as a pet 900.00


XOXO Bluebutter Hugs - girl - blue mitted - adopted by the Anderson Family

Lucy and TC 

due to have babies about due about 20th Jan

Opera and TC

due to have babies about due about 3rd March

Shimmer n Cruize

babies 20 Nov 16 these kittens are stunning big fat babies that are shaping up superbly.  They are from the very rare, hard to get, traditional lines.

boy - seal bicolour available for adoption as a pet (white ear) - 850

boy - seal bicolour reserved for xoxo

boy - seal mitted available as show / breeder or pet - 900

boy - seal point available as show / breeder or pet - 900

girl - seal bicolour - adopted by the Slegers Family

Opera and Cruize

Opera had 4 babies 01 Oct 16.

XOXO Gizmott Hugs - boy - seal point - adopted by the Jensen Family


XOXO Meeko Hugs - boy - seal bicolour - adopted by the Fisher Family


XOXO Apple-Niku Hugs - girl - blue point - adopted by the Hopper Family


XOXO Tilly Hugs - girl - seal point - Adopted by the Cotterill Family

Please Scroll down to see pictures of my babies that are available for adoption.
Then keep scrolling right down to the bottom to see lots of information about purchasing a ragdoll from XOXO Ragdolls,
and what you will need to settle your new baby into its new home.

After reading all the available information on my website, if you still have questions, please feel free to give me a call,
there is no such thing as time wasters.


The parents of the kittens can be veiwed on the kings and queens page.




I looking forward to meeting you soon.
Hugs Dees

PS Please don't ring after 6pm.. :)



XOXO Ragdolls alias Hugs N Kisses Ragdolls

now have a facebook page, where I will endeavour to post lots of (really bad happy snap) pictures and happenings of the exciting world of XOXO Ragdolls

just go to XOXO Ragdolls in facebook and click the like button




 All XOXO Babies are:



Vaccinated with F3 twice (1 more to go)

Registered with QICC Inc

Pedigreed from solid Championship Show Parentage

 Flea'd and Wormed and Litter Trained

 6 weeks free health insurance from Petplan

72 hour turnaround guarantee

 Parents are tested regularly for HCM AND PKD

Im happy to test a kitten for you at your cost of 140.00 for HCM and PKD and COLOUR 

Ready from 12 weeks of age

Raised inside my home, under my feet and Loved and Hugged


$100 deposit will secure your baby. 

Full payment before desexing is much appreciated.

 I don't allow the babies to be viewed and cuddled by their adopting families till they have had their first vaccination at 6-7 weeks.  This helps spreading infections so our babies can grow up healthier and stronger.  But there are lots of pics on here of them, and previous litters, plus you can go to the xoxoragdolls facebook page for happysnaps.


Don't forget your cat carrier when you come to collect your baby!  This ensures the safety of both your kitten and yourself while driving!


My Babies are flown all over Australia, at your cost with either Qantas or Virgin - booked through Dogtainers.

I crate is included at your cost of $60 which you then keep, plus there is a $20 fee for airport charges. (plus the flight)


Pet female kittens are usually $950

Pet male kittens are usually $900

Well Marked Pet Bicolour kittens 1000 male - 1050 female.


Breeding/Show Quality kittens are $2000

to registered breeders only, with contract.



please go to the below website to see lots and lots of kittens that XOXO have bred in the past.


Supplies for your new baby



Items you will need for your new baby


Cat carrier (he will use this as his safe place and too sleep)

toys  (can be allergic to catnip so watch for sneezing)

2 x litter trays  (the bigger the better... boys grow to 9 kilos, girls to 5 kilos)

water bowl

food bowl

prefered brand of cat biscuits  - Royal Cain Maine Coon for when he gets bigger, mix with kitten when he is younger

(other brands are - Science Diet/ Iams chicken and rice/ Eukanubra)  (generic brands of biccies and tinned food do not have the required nutrients for the total health of your baby)  Your baby will love roast chicken and fresh human quality beef steak...  lol..   do not feed fish

prefered brand of cat litter - any clumping sandy litter for when he is younger..(tidy cat is good)  as he gets older you can change to pearl beads or breeders choice.

brush and comb

advocate (for flea and worm treatment) and worm tablets

cat tree (for baby to play on and scratch his nails)

lots of hugs n kisses