XOXO Ragdolls

Hugs 'n' Kisses, Ragdoll Cats 'n' Kits

Some Happy Snaps of our babies


 This is a picture of XOXO Kismet Hugs, kindly being shown by K Petrie.  Photo taken by FCCQ's Meena, thankyou.


XOXO Vintage Doll Kisses, now Marooshka, practicing yoga.


XOXO Ashiko Hugs at the 2012 Nationals in Melb.  He took at all Best of Breeds and more.


 Four Generations Of Blue Bicolours _

XOXO Cosmic Nebs Kisses  -XOXO Blue Bayou Kisses

Cherishme Storm Ryder- Saffireblu Sultan Of Swing



XOXO Wind Whisperer, (Salmon) blue bicolour - shown here at 6wks and at just over 1 year of age.

you can see how the colour deepens as they get older.


A normal evening at home..


  The Big Lion - "Scooter" enjoying a run in the long grass..



Black Magic, my new girl, up to kitten mischief!



  Possum alias Candy Barr at 1 year

  she is a seal bicolour,

  sitting in her favourite fruit bow.

  Thanks Liz for the photo.






  Me with Pinghdi's first litter at 5 weeks.

   check out my sexy legs..  I've still got it..  lol!!










  Dottie, helping me to read my book...

   Bella and Zanadu, Doing what cats do....



    Seal point boy at 6 weeks..   Babies sleep anywhere and everywhere!!



Choc boy, Monty, learning to walk on the harness












A Red mitted desexed boy all grown up, Haku, he is soo beautiful

and Kiki a blue mitted desexed boy, also totally stunning..

oh dear, I should have kept them....  (smiles)     photos kindly donated by their mummy.



Blinkys and Nebbys houses, with the dogs on guard..



  Electras new born baby by caesarian section..

  sooo tiny and sooo cute...












 A seal mitted kitten..

Coco at 9 wks and later....








Coco all grown up and desexed at 19 mths photos happily forwarded to me from the McNamara family.




  The queens enjoying some grass.








  one of Hugo's pet babies

  all grown up..  at 9kg's.




















Carebear as a wee kitten and later as a 2 year ,

he is beautifull!!!      He is one of Scooters pet babies.





Cupid, now known as Sasha at 2 years,

she is by Scooter too









Dee and Electra at a show.









Chryseis (pedigreed name)/Peppi (pet name) as a baby, for her first glamour photo shoot.





Peppi (Chryseisis) now one years old she is the proud little one from Gold Double Grand Champion Mr Scooter and Grand Champion Sky.

Isnt she totally gorgeous!!!






Metallica, one of beautiful queens at 8 months showing the wonderful Ragdoll traits.










Parcel Post!!  Six georgeous red and creme kits for mailing.

and below.. all grown up..










This is beautiful Vino a red bi-colour desexed male at 2 years of age.


Just totally stunning...