XOXO Ragdolls

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     Grand Champion Diamonddolls Cruize Control

  100 percent traditional seal bicolour ragdoll. 



ACF Aoe Diamond Double Grand Champion Touch Of Class (TC)


2013 QICC Inc. Reserve Breeder Of The Year XOXO

2013 QICC Inc. Best Of Breed Ragdoll

2013 FCCQ Inc. Best Of Breed Ragdoll 





Looking for a Stud?


Hugs n Kisses Ragdoll Stud boys are available for stud to recognized registered Ragdoll Queens for a small stud fee of $600.

 GDGC Ragwell Mr Scooter as a true traditional boy is now $800 for stud fee.

 his pedigree can be tracked through pawpeds.

 Service Certificate provided on full payment of fee.

All queens must be vetted and provide a vet health guarantee before studding.

Hugs n Kisses Ragdolls firmly believe in promoting the limited Ragdoll gene pool within Australia therefore we offer our beautiful Champion boys for stud. 

WE DO NOT believe in placing terms and conditions on the progeny of our boys.