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Please visit our feline council home page to find out more about:

  • Recent changes to feline breed standards
  • Guidelines to being a feline breeder
  • Current QICC shows
  • Information of feline health issues
  • http://www.qicc.org.au/

other Qld Cat Councils in Qld

QFA -  http://homepage.powerup.com.au/~qfeline/

FCCQ - http://www.fccqinc.org.au/

CFCCQ -  http://www.cfccq.org/


This is the link to the new Ragdoll Website for Australia.

It has all the Australian Ragdoll Breeder and information
on their cats and kittens and how to look after the Ragdoll.


As you know by now, I also breed dogs - Chinese Cresteds..

below is a link to a website where there are lots and lots of different breeds of puppies for sale.